2009-02-04 / People

In Memoriam


October 4, 1952 - February 5, 2007 October 4, 1952 - February 5, 2007 GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN

It's been two years now since you went away, you now live with God, He wanted it that way.

O, yes we miss you each and everyday, the tears still fall, our hearts still ache, missing you in every way.

We miss the joy, fun times and the funny things you would do and say.

Yes, Shorty, you are gone but you will never be forgotten, there is no way, all the love and joy we shared, forget you never.

We hold to the hope of meeting you in that great city one day, we accept the fact that you are gone, but forgotten, no way.

Forever in our hearts, Johnnie Mae and Crystal

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