2011-04-20 / For The Record

Police arrest one of ‘most wanted’

By Elizabeth Billips lizbillips@yahoo.com

Al Pacino Bryant Al Pacino Bryant Waynesboro police hunted down the convicted felon accused in a Magnolia Acres gunfight.

Just before midnight last Thursday, officers found 24-year-old Al Pacino Bryant sitting on the front porch of a Keller Street house in “The Bottom” neighborhood in downtown Augusta.

The department’s newly created vice/narcotics squad had been fielding calls from informants who said Bryant was making plans to commit a robbery in Augusta and then return to his native Chicago. He’d also allegedly made death threats against several women.

“We felt like we had to act fast,” said the squad’s lead investigator Charles Prescott who coordinated the take-down with the Richmond County Crime Suppression Team.

Bryant bolted into a wooded area when he saw Waynesboro police, but was met by Richmond County officers who were waiting on the other side.

Bryant, who was convicted of manslaughter and just released from jail in December, had been eluding police since March 12 when he and Brandon Jordan, 20, opened fire on each other in a Waynesboro neighborhood. Some of the shots came close to striking two mothers with their young children, according to the original reports.

Bryant is charged with aggravated assault, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and probation violation.


The vice/narcotics squad continues to search for another Burke County man accused of armed robbery. Police have been looking for 19-year-old Rakeen Wilkerson since early March when he was implicated as one of the “McDonald’s Five.” The other four suspects in the 2010 hold-up at the North Liberty Street restaurant have been arrested, and two have been sentenced. Anyone with information on Wilkerson’s whereabouts is asked to call 706-554-8029.

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