2011-04-20 / For The Record

Teenagers sentenced for break-ins

By Anne Marie Kyzer annemariek@thetruecitizen.com

A Burke County teen who was set to stand trial Tuesday pleaded guilty instead after a co-defendant agreed to testify against her.

Loretta Doe, 19, entered her plea Monday to two counts of burglary that stemmed from break-ins at neighboring McCoy Church Road homes last summer. Superior Court Judge James G. Blanchard Jr. sentenced her to 10 years on probation, with the first 270-365 days in confinement.

Earlier Monday morning, codefendant Denzal De’Angelo Evans, 18, entered a guilty plea for theft by receiving stolen property and burglary. He was arrested the same day as Doe last year for being in a car with another co-defendant where the stolen goods had been stashed. According to assistant district attorney Keith Johnson, Evans didn’t actually go in the house but he knew the items in the vehicle were stolen. Johnson said Doe entered the house to commit the burglary.

Evans’ burglary charge resulted from a previous crime in which he and a friend entered Doe’s father’s home and stole a 40-caliber revolver he later sold. Evans was out on bond when he was arrested for the theft by receiving charge.

For the two crimes, Judge Blanchard sentenced Evans as a first offender to five years probation with the first 270-365 days in confinement. As part of Evans’ plea agreement, he would be required to testify in Doe’s case if she went to trial.

Two other co-defendants in the case have already been sentenced. Evan Deon Herrington, 22, and Taylor Tidwell, 18, both received probated sentences but must serve the first six months in confinement. A fifth co-defendant was sentenced last November for his involvement as well as the separate burglary of a deputy’s Idlewood-Munnerlyn Road home. Alastair Deland Crandel Knox, 17, was sentenced to eight years in prison and five years probation for both crimes.

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