2011-08-31 / Editorial

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By F. Leslie Jenkins Jr. Burke Banter Boy

For over 150 years since the founding of this great Nation, the United States of America was rightly called “The Melting Pot.”

Peoples from many lands and many cultures came to these shores to seek liberty and freedom of one sort or another. Millions came who spoke no English, but they learned to speak English. Millions came with different customs, but they soon accepted the customs here. Millions came in different dress, but soon they were absorbed into the fashions of this country. Of these millions, all came to become citizens of the United States.

All this changed after the end of World War II. The ‘hyphenated American’ became popular. New arrivals did not want to enter “The Melting Pot.” They wanted a ‘pot’ all their own. They did not want to conform to the culture and customs, habits or morals of this free land. Instead, they called themselves Italian-Americans, German- Americans, African- Americans, Chinese-Americans, Muslim- Americans or Whatever-Americans. Because of this rift, we have a country today that is divided politically, ideologically and spiritually. Our Congress, by trying to listen to the babble of such a diverse population, has our nation mired down in a ‘do-nothing muck’. It seems as though the inmates of the insane asylum have broken loose and are running the country.

But,surely, it is not the inmates who are in charge of this country. They would do a much better job than the knuckleheads in our congress today.

Not only is our legislative branch lacking in statesmen to move us forward, but our executive and judical branches are short on leaders with courage, wisdom and common sense. Our government encourages the illegal hordes to invade our land, then gives them free benefits so they will remain here. Our government pays children to begat children. Illegitimacy is endorsed. The bureaucrats promote these benefits so that their realm of control will forever be expanding. As a consequence our national debt reaches further and further into the trillions of dollars. One cannot help but ask why we are giving away untold dollars to people who are not even citizens, and to people who should be out working for their own bread.

It is not expected nor is our government fated to be a one party government that runs roughshod over the rights of the people. Instead, our Senators, our Representives, our Executives and our Judges need to realizes that this nation was founded as a republic and not a democracy.

It is their duty as statesmen to use their knowledge and wisdom to direct the course of this nation; and not be swayed by every poll that is taken and by every mob that marches the streets of Washington. They should be men capable of guiding the ‘Ship of State’ without the aid of political groups who seek only their own ‘special interest’.

Perhaps a government of this makeup is too much to wish for, but it is certainly the government the founders hoped for. This is the greatest, most noble nation that man has seen upon this Earth. This is a nation designed to give man freedom and liberty he had never known before.

Because we are a divided nation, we are in grave danger of losing the rights and freedom so many have died to preserve. Let us once again become ‘The Melting Pot’ where all search and seek for the best for the Whole Nation. Let this truly be the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” where the Bell of Liberty rings loud and clear. Let this be a land where all its people share in the bounty of this soil; a land where everyone regards the rights of his neighbor as being equal to his own. God Bless America!!!

You can reach F. Leslie Jenkins Jr., Burke Banter Boy, by email at: f291@bellsouth.net

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