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Couple jailed for faking hold-up

By Elizabeth Billips lizbillips@yahoo.com

Lila Dawn Burrell Lila Dawn Burrell A Waynesboro woman and her boyfriend were booked into jail within hours of telling police she’d been robbed at gunpoint.

Lila Dawn Burrell, 22, an employee at Dollar Tree, called for help Sunday morning with claims that a black man approached her car and “stuck a gun in (her) face” while she was stopped at an intersection near Magnolia Acres.

She’d been on the way to the bank with the store’s deposit, she told investigators, and was robbed of a bag which contained more than $1,000.

“We knew immediately that the facts were not consistent with a true armed robbery,” Waynesboro Police Chief Alfonzo Williams said. “She later confessed and said she’d been having (financial) difficulties and staged the entire thing.”

Burrell’s live-in boyfriend, Mike Todd

Quick, 22, was also arrested after investigators learned he’d helped plan the crime and tried to destroy the evidence.

Mike Todd Quick Mike Todd Quick The partially burned bank bag that was initially reported stolen was found in a trash can at the couple’s home on Highway 88 in Blythe. Most of the cash was also recovered and has been returned to the store.

According to Chief Williams, Burrell purposely reported the robbery near the Magnolia Acres neighborhood because she considered it a “believable” location, having recently watched a news clip about crimes in that area which included an interview with a Waynesboro police investigator

“We just don’t need allegations of that kind,” Chief Willprobation iams said. “False accusations like this don’t do anything to help the racial divide that we so often see.”

Burrell was jailed for a felony count of theft by taking and false report of a crime. Quick was arrested for party to a crime.

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