2012-03-28 / Editorial


By Bonnie K. Taylor General Manager The True Citizen

Sylvia Griffin has good things to say about the Waynesboro Walmart. While shopping there last week, she left her purse in her cart but didn’t realize it until she had driven all the way home to the Cates Place Farm.

“My whole life was in that purse,” she said, remembering the checks, credit cards and insurance cards in her wallet. Both she and her husband, Frank, just knew they’d never see it again. Not the case, though. When she returned, the Walmart greeter Melinda had a big smile on her face ... and Sylvia’s purse with every single item still in it.

“It’s good to know there are honest people out there,” Sylvia said. “Good things happen at Walmart.”


Don't forget about the Burke County High School FFA (Future Farmers of America) Plant Sale underway through March 30. They have ferns, begonias, petunias, impatiens, marigolds, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and more!

Bobby Padgett of Padgett Farms said he and his wife, Lisa, would be purchasing FFA vegetable plants for their Tower Garden, grown hydroponically.

Want to know more? Check their ad out in this week’s True Citizen.

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