2012-03-28 / People

DAR honors veterans

The Edmund Burke Chapter NSDAR recently honored World War II and Korean veterans with a luncheon at the American Legion on Liberty Street. Fifty-four guests attended and entertainment was provided by Katy Lively Powell. Attending veterans included were WWII veterans Jimmy Nichols, Paul Tucker, Clifford Long, Byron Newton, Norman Reeves, Donald Thomas, Dr. Walter Voyles, Tom Mobley, James D. Smith, Brodus Carter, Alex Gray, and Charlie Johnson. And Korean veterans, Edward Weis, Chester Powell,Tracy Carter, Amos Luper, Marvin Saxon, Jay Broseghini, and Willliam Patterson. Below, Marsha Miller presented the quilt and bag that she made to raffle winners William and Ann Patterson. Above, from left, front row: Long; second row: Weis, Tucker, Gray, Dr. Voyles, Nichols, Patterson, Smith and Brodus Carter; and back row: Saxon, Tracy Carter, Newton, Powell, Luper, Johnson, Thomas, Broseghini, Mobley and Reeves.

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