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BOE wants Rudy Falana

By Elizabeth Billips

First black school superintendant First black school superintendant Rudy Falana will be Burke County’s next school superintendent.

The 59-year-old Cambridge University grad is the first African American ever tapped to head the school system.

“It is my desire to lead this district with utmost character and integrity,” he wrote to board members, who made their final pick Monday, “to serve as the lead learner, to continue to build and sustain leadership capacity among employees and to do so in a collaborative spirit with the Burke County Board of Education.”

Falana, who took over as principal of Burke County Middle School last summer, competed against two other finalists for the job, including one from Burke County.

Under Georgia law, his appointment won’t become official until a 14-day waiting period has passed and a formal vote is taken. That final show of hands is scheduled for 6 p.m. on April 16.

Burke County residents won’t ever officially know who the other two finalists were.

The BOE was not legally required to announce those names until 14 days before the final decision; and just before that deadline, both candidates “exercised their option to withdraw their names from consideration,” according to BOE general counsel James Hyder.

If the April 16 vote goes without a hitch, Falana will take over as superintendent on June 1 – the day after current superintendent Linda Bailey retires.


“I have delivered most notably in the areas of school turnaround and increased graduation rate, primarily by instituting innovative programs and means by which students experience success and understand and embrace self- efficacy. I further understand the need for continuous improvement and that such occurs only through a systemic, systematic, deliberate and collaborative process.”

– Rudy Falana, reflecting on his experiences as principal at Coachman Fundamental Middle School, Screven County High School, Thomson High School and Burke County Middle School.

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