2012-06-20 / Editorial


By Bonnie K. Taylor
General Manager The True Citizen

The Burke County Community lost another one of its steel magnolias this week. Nancy Cates died Monday at University Hospital in Augusta. The news of her death circulated quickly Monday ... all of us experiencing shock and disbelief.

I met Nancy as a friend of my mentor and friend, the late Joyce Odom. Nancy, Joyce and more of the steel magnolias, Virginia Glisson, Laura Henry and Marjorie Dales were so much fun to be with!

Most of the women had children my age, except Nancy. Her son Daniel was close to my son’s age, so we would see each other at sports practices, games and other places of common interest of our sons. Nancy was a die hard sports fan. She would follow her team up and down the sidelines telling them to “dig deeper.” She said it with so much enthusiasm. She lived her life with this same gusto. I never saw Nancy without a smile on her face. Sometimes this smile was a little mischievous, but she could turn on her charm, and you would get caught in her net ... willing to do whatever was needed. She, too, was always willing to help out wherever needed ... her church, community and her most favorite ... her family.

Thanks to Nancy, this old earth is a much better place to live!

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