2012-06-20 / Front Page


By Anne Marie Kyzer

Changes could be in store for alcohol sales in the county as well.

Burke County Commissioners will consider their options for changing local ordinances after being prompted by local business owners.

Currently, beer and wine may be sold by the drink or in package Monday-Saturday. Liquor sales of any kind, either package or by the drink, are illegal in unincorporated areas.

Two convenience store owners asked commissioners at their meeting last week to consider supporting package sales of beer and wine on Sundays. Michael Vandenbulcke of BFE Bar and Grill also asked commissioners to consider liquor sales by the drink.

Commissioners have the authority to decide if Sunday alcoholic sales or liquor by-the-drink sales go on the ballot, according to Barry Fleming, legal counsel for the county.

However, the law states that a petition with the signatures of 35 percent of the county’s voters must be presented before package liquor sales can be included. Whatever changes, if any, commissioners decide to support must be put before voters, and the earliest possible referendum would take place in November.

Commissioners cancelled a work session on the issue planned for this afternoon (Wednesday) and haven’t yet rescheduled the meeting.

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