2012-06-20 / Front Page

Contractor’s wife arrested for murder

By Elizabeth Billips

Diane Wilson Diane Wilson Was it his wife?

That’s what GBI agents concluded before they swore out a warrant on 59-year-old Diane DeLaigle Wilson for the murder of her husband.

Burke County deputies have had a hunch something wasn’t right since May 17 – the day Leonard Wilson Sr.’s body was discovered at a scene that could have passed for a suicide.

Around 8 a.m., a 911 call sent EMA technicians to the Wilsons’ home on Munnerlyn- Alexander Road. They found the well-known 59-year-old contractor in his bed with a fatal gunshot wound to the side of his head.

“A lot of things didn’t add up,” Sheriff Greg Coursey said Tuesday afternoon as Wilson’s wife of 37 years was booked into the Burke County Jail.

From the beginning, he’d been bothered by Mrs. Wilson’s claim that she didn’t know her husband was dead until their daughter called and asked her to wake him. Neither had she heard the gunshot, Mrs. Wilson told investigators, although she slept in a nearby bedroom.

While specifics were not disclosed, findings just released by the GBI crime lab in Atlanta backed the sheriff’s misgivings and prompted the arrest of the Waynesboro grandmother.

“The experts said this could not have been a suicide,” Sheriff Coursey said. “Diane (Wilson) was the only person, other than her elderly mother, who was present when he was shot.”

As of late Tuesday afternoon, she had denied all allegations.

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