2012-08-15 / For The Record

From the Blotter


Two Burke County deputies had big breakthroughs, but not the kind they’d hoped for. They were walking up to a house on Allen Road in Hephzibah Sunday when one officer stepped on a loose board and fell through the porch. According to the report, he suffered several abrasions and a hurt knee. On the way out, another officer stepped on another bad board and fell through to the ground. He jammed his finger, but did not require a doctor. Deputies later determined the “front porch” merely consisted of loose boards lying across a row of blocks.

Kiss goodbye

Waynesboro police were called to Family Dollar last week after a disorderly customer began blowing kisses at a clerk and then cursing at her when she tried to close for the night. They found the intoxicated offender, 40-year-old Anthony Boyd, outside and warned him not to return. But before police could leave the scene, Boyd was back to cursing at the clerk. This time, he got a ride in the patrol car and a court date for his charge of public drunkenness.

Generational breakdown

A brawl between a Waynesboro teen and her grandfather ended with police intervention. The 17-year-old girl told officers a heated argument turned physical after her grandfather got mad and poured water on her. She said that while they were passing licks, the 62-year-old pulled her off her bed and attempted to twist her ankle. She retaliated with a folding chair and then called police, explaining the whole thing started because he was mad about her talking on the phone. Her grandfather confirmed her chronicle of the fight but said it actually started because the girl stole her mother’s car while she was vacationing in Mexico.

An earful

Waynesboro investigators got an earful from two men accused of selling drugs outside a car shop on West Eighth Street. Acting on tips from residents, the Vice-Narcotics Squad paid a surprise visit and first noticed Darrick Lake Jr., 26, drop a bag of pot inside a parked car before trying to walk away. After taking Lake into custody, they began questioning Christopher Bernard Ellison, 22, but stopped short when they noticed the strong smell of marijuana. When asked about it, Ellison said it was probably the joint he’d placed behind his ear. Investigators also found a bottle of Hydrocodone pills which Ellison claimed he’d just picked up for his grandmother. Both men were arrested for possession of marijuana (less than one ounce), and Ellison was additionally charged with possession of a Schedule II controlled substance and parole violation.

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