2013-04-24 / Editorial

Letter to the Editor

Thanks to Sen. Jesse Stone


In the aftermath of the recently completed 2013 session of the Georgia General Assembly, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank my fellow attorney, Sen. Jesse Stone, who represents Burke, Columbia, Emanuel, Glascock, Jefferson, Jenkins, Johnson, McDuffie, Richmond, Screven and Warren counties in the state Senate.

Sen. Stone’s acceptance of the professional and personal sacrifices that go along with serving in public office is inspiring to and appreciated by his fellow members of the State Bar of Georgia. The commendable efforts of Sen. Stone and other lawyer/ legislators to shape public policy and make Georgia a better state serve to promote the cause of justice, uphold the rule of law and protect the rights of all citizens.


Robin Frazer Clark

President, State Bar of Georgia

Support Early Head Start


The purpose of this letter is to provide some updated information regarding the addition of a dynamic program in Burke County, Waynesboro; to assist families with quality childcare coupled with age-appropriate developmental opportunities for their children 8 weeks to three years old.

I refer to the Burke County Public Schools Early Head Start which is a new federally funded program that provides early childhood services to 94 low-income families who reside here. The program delivers early childhood service through a two tier model; center-based and home-based options. The center-based option is designed for families with dependable transportation who are working and/or enrolled in school. In the Home-Based option, the families who are not working and do not have dependable transportation receive services one day per week for a 90 minute visit in their homes. The center is located in the Old Blakeney building at 518 College Street, Suite A in Waynesboro and is accessed from the side and to the back of the Head Start Building. The hours of operation for the center are 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday in a year round schedule. We have been operating in this renovated space since October 2010. There are NO charges for the available services in either of the options.

The mission of the Burke County Public Schools Early Head Start is to provide high quality, comprehensive early childhood services to low-income families with children 8 weeks to 3 years old and pregnant women including teens. Services focus on strengthening the delivery of developmentally appropriate Center and Home-based services while promoting the successful achievement of school readiness goals for each child and fostering self-sufficiency within each family.

Early Head Start is in the active enrollment period for the new school term. All classes and services begin July 22. Parents with children in the eligible age range are encouraged to begin the enrollment process as soon as possible by calling the center at 706-554-2306 or coming by to complete an application.

Lastly, I need the assistance from the community to help the program meet the 20 percent match of federal funds received in the grant this year. This match is met by persons from the community visiting the center to volunteer on a regular basis and interacting with the children by reading 30 minutes per visit each month or enjoying a stroll in the playground and helping children develop their conversation skills. Community persons may also serve on the Health Advisory Committee, School Readiness Committee, Policy Council or plan to attend scheduled events that we sponsor such as the Spring Fling on May 10 at 11 a.m. here at the center. We welcome the involvement from the community in any capacity that enhances the development of our children. We need your presence here at Early Head Start. Give us a call today and invest in the future and growth of Burke County.

Advocating for children and families,

Allene D. Reed


Thanks, Burke County coaches


I want to thank BCHS Baseball Coaches Billy Marchman, Daniel Wiggins and Lee Smoak for all of their hard work, dedication and willingness to teach our boys how to become a strong, wellrounded team!

They have created a positive, supportive learning environment and have built a relationship with each of the players that has allowed them to reach their full potential as individuals and work together as a team. This approach has proven to be successful not only on the ball field, but also in the classroom. Their accomplishments should be applauded!

I also want to thank every person who helped put Billy Marchman in the Head Coach position for BCHS. His strategies, efforts, attitude and dedication accompanied with his fellow coaches’ similar philosophies have turned this ball team around. Having local coaches that put their heart and soul into their team should give all of us a sense of pride.

These guys are going to make sure our local high school is not only known for an aggressive football program, but also an amazing baseball program! They are the No. 1 seed in the region now. They have potential to be No.1 in the state! I invite everyone to take the time to come out and watch our boys play. You won’t be disappointed!

From a very proud parent,

Michelle Claxton EDITOR:

OnFriday,May3IwillspendmylastdayinSardisasthe Police Chief.

I have been offered the position of Director of Public Safety in Harlem, Georgia. This will put me within four to five miles of my residence, as well as back in my old hometown. Serving Sardis for the past two years has been an honor and privilege. The citizens have certainly made my stay pleasant and rewarding. Through teamwork, the police department and the citizens have been successful in reducing crime, thus improving the quality of life in Sardis.

I am confident that the city officials will recruit and select a new Police Chief that will best serve the citizens. I have made many friends in the “Friendly Little City” and I will miss everyone. God Bless!

Gary E. Jones

Chief of Police, Sardis

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