2013-04-24 / For The Record

From the Blotter

Cat’s Away

While a neighbor was away, the boys decided to play. An Edgewood Drive woman returned from vacation last week to learn that her house had been become party central. According to the police report, the woman found a bottle of rum in her freezer and a big fan from the attic in her living room. A number of her personal belongings had been knocked over or moved, and pecans had been thrown all over the house. The woman talked to neighbors and learned that a high school student apparently got in through the locked back door and then let in seven friends.

Imaginary friends

A Burke County man’s imaginary friends couldn’t help him. He was jailed Sunday morning when he got out of a car on Spread Oak Road but was too intoxicated to get back in. According to the report, deputies saw former passenger Benjamin Wilkinson, 38, lying “half in and half out” of the westbound lane. Deputies told him to get back into the car but after a brief attempt at crawling, he plopped face-down in a ditch and began to “sing and curse and mumble unintelligibly” to imaginary people standing at the deputy’s feet.

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