2013-04-24 / Front Page

Mother chased onto school bus with ax

By Elizabeth Billips

A Midville man was jailed for chasing his child’s mother onto a school bus with an ax.

Tyrone Rackins, 31, surrendered to deputies last Tuesday just before a massive manhunt got underway.

According to Sgt. Dedric Smith, chief investigator for the Burke County Sheriff’s Office, the attack happened on Alice Street that morning while Rackins’ young daughter was being walked to the bus stop by her mother and her mother’s boyfriend.

“(Rackins) came running out of the woods with an ax and started chasing the boyfriend around a parked car,” Sgt. Smith said, noting that he didn’t actually take a swing but had the ax in the air as if he were going to. “Then he started chasing his child’s mother.”

To get away, the woman ran onto her daughter’s bus, which had just pulled up and had other students aboard. Rackins stopped short of the bus and ran back into the woods where he hid from deputies.

Officers were bringing in a search helicopter and were just about to turn loose a tracking canine when Rackins decided to show himself.

He was arrested on eight charges including aggravated assault and cruelty to children in first degree (felony).

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