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demands for clean air make for big business
By Anne Marie Kyzer

While many industries have slowed during the weak economy, one in Waynesboro is forecasting big numbers.

Purification Cellutions has been turning out carbon honeycomb filters here for 10 years, an anniversary they celebrated just last week.

Millions of vehicles have already been equipped with their filters, which catch what the industry calls “bleed emissions” from the carbon canisters used to control fuel tank emissions.

Millions more will likely have them installed, as well, as the federal government looks to tighten emission standards further.

“Our business is on the increase,” Purification Cellutions Plant Manager John Nichols told a crowd at the plant last week. “As I tell our employees, our future is so bright we may need to wear shades.”


BP called on Purification Cellutions in 2010 during the height of the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. As BP worked to seal the well-head on a seafloor oil gusher that was sending millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf, their workers were getting sick from the crude oil fumes. BP asked Purification Cellutions to use the same technology in its air filter systems to make carbon filters for the under-deck cabins on the clean-up boats positioned around the well-head.

At left, Purification Cellutions employees George Gibbons and Tracey Givens inspect filters during the production process. At left, Purification Cellutions employees George Gibbons and Tracey Givens inspect filters during the production process. Purification Cellutions employees worked until the wee-hours throughout Mothers Day weekend that year to develop and produce a brand new product customized for those boats. They shipped them to the Gulf in a matter of four days, and the technology worked.

Carbon honeycomb filters to
lower automobiles emissions.
The filters are shipped to auto
manufacturers in Japan, Europe, Korea, Mexico and
throughout the United States.

Like an organic sponge, activated
carbon captures molecules from
other chemicals in its pores and
traps them.



The year Purification Cellutions started producing a cutting-edge product that could further reduce auto emissions. Their process remains one-of-a-kind and has only increased in demand.

1 in 7

The number of vehicles produced or sold in the U.S. that are equipped with the filters made right here in Waynesboro


Numbers of employees, including engineers, operators and quality control technicians

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