2013-07-03 / For The Record

Police investigate sex crime at nursing home

By Elizabeth Billips

Donnie Moss Donnie Moss A career criminal was jailed for sodomizing an invalid at a Waynesboro nursing home.

Donnie Lee Moss, 44, was arrested June 21 after he allegedly forced himself on a disabled man at Brentwood Personal Care Home.

According to Waynesboro Police Chief Augustus Palmer III, Moss was picked up less than 24 hours after the manager of Brentwood alerted police. He was arrested after making “an admission” to investigators.

The police department’s initial report does not include information on how Moss got into the building or whether he had any connection to the victim, whose personal information was blacked out. Nor does the report include information on how the alleged sodomy was discovered.

Chief Palmer, who was essentially accused by an Augusta news channel of covering up the crime, told The True Citizen his intention was to protect the victim.

“I was trying to protect the dignity of the patient who was violated,” he said, noting Georgia law permitted him three days to respond to the station’s open records request, which was submitted last Thursday and fulfilled the next afternoon. “The law says I must protect the victim and that’s what I must do.”

The victim’s daughter was immediately forthcoming in interviews with the same news channel and said safety issues were her main concern. She told reporters that Moss apparently entered the nursing home using a security code that was publically posted right outside the door. That code has since been removed.

The case remains under investigation and a detailed report has not yet been released.

Moss, who lives in Girard, has been arrested numerous times over the past two decades for everything from cocaine possession and public indecency to public drunkenness, DUIs and thefts.

After his June 21 arrest for aggravated sodomy against the will of the other person, Moss was extradited to Ware County where he was wanted on unrelated charges.

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