2013-07-03 / News

Jobless rate swells to 12.2 percent

By Elizabeth Billips

One in eight jobseekers can’t find work in Burke County.

During the month of May, the unemployment rate surged to 12.2 percent, strapping Burke with the 20th highest jobless rate among Georgia’s 159 counties.

According to preliminary data just released by the Georgia Department of Labor, the county’s count of out-of-work residents rose by 135 – from 1,093 to 1,228 – in one month’s time.

All five surrounding counties, with the exception of Screven, saw similar increases.

According to DOL labor market analysts, much of Burke County’s job losses were reported by residents formerly employed in healthcare, social assistance and administrative and support services.

Some improvement, however, was reported in the construction industry.

Burke County’s unemployment rate has remained in double digits for more than three years now.

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