2014-01-29 / Editorial

Burke Banter Boy

The other day as I was taking my leave of the store, Mrs. Charlotte Lambert said to me “Don’t do anything you can’t do on a bicycle”. She went on to say that that was what her husband Bobby admonished her to do. If I had heard that saying before, I had forgotten it. After pondering it for a few moments, I decided that unless one is a circus acrobat there is very little one can do on a bicycle except pedal. In fact as long as one stays on that bicycle there is very little trouble one can get into. It would seem to me that Mr. Lambert gave Mrs. Lambert very sound advice, and she, in turn, gave me the same.

As we go through life, we are continually told to ‘Be Good’, ‘Behave Yourself, or ‘Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do’. We are always told to do the right thing. Do no wrong, stay away from evil and don’t be a bad boy or girl. All of us can remember the warnings from our mothers and fathers forbidding us to do so and so. But one of the sayings of ‘yours truly’ is, “You can’t have any fun being good”. Of course this is really the Devil doing the talking. Old Belzebub is forever throwing temptations at us. Ever since Eve succumbed to His charming ways, women and men have been deceived by His lying ways.

It just seems as there is no way for us to escape this wiley evil Ones temptations. Over and over we fall prey to His deceit and lies. Satan has a convincing manner that fools us time and time again. As the Bible points out, Satan is a roaring lion desiring to devour all in His path. His objective is to take as many folks as He can to that fiery Hell which is His destiny. He relishes your company, so be on guard. Many think God is keeping a record of our evil and sinful ways, but I believe Lucifer is keeping records as well. He doesn’t want anyone to slip out of HIS grasp. All that can be said about this Evil One is, BEWARE!!

Telling someone ‘Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do’ could be extremely poor advice. Most of us are prone to do wrong in one way or another. I know it would be the sorriest advice coming from me. I seem to have that carnal or fleshly nature that can take one down that road to destruction. I feel sort of like the Apostle Paul who wrote that he desired to live a pure and Godly life, but because of his weakness he tended to go down the evil way. Because of our tendency to err in so many unholy ways, our Lord Jesus Christ took our sins upon Himself so that we mortals might be forgiven. But still we should strive to be better than we are.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all live better lives. If we all lived as God intended us to live, this world would change over night. The troubles and problems that confront us would simply vanish and peace would invade our planet. How amazed we would be at the drastic difference that would be brought about just by doing what is right. Joy and happiness would become a permanent part of our lives. Life would, indeed, be worth the living.

So, my friends, think it over. Maybe it is worth a try. There is certainly nothing to loose. But the question comes to mind, where do we start? We start in our own minds and hearts. Let your goodness spread. I believe it will be catching. Others will emulate you and they will pass it on. Soon people everywhere will begin to understand that right is right and wrong is wrong and the twain should never meet. Folks will Be Good and Behave Themselves and they “Won’t Do Anything You Can’t Do On A Bicycle”. Let us think on these things and pretend we are pedaling a bicycle.

F. Leslie Jenkins, Jr. is Burke Banter Boy. Email f291@bellsouth.net

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