2014-06-18 / For The Record


Pesky tax laws

A Sardis woman turned the tables on a would-be scammer. According to a report filed at the sheriff’s office, the woman became concerned when a caller with a foreign accent told her he was with the IRS and that she owed $1,843. The caller pressured her to settle-up via a pre-paid money card from Rite-Aid in Millen and claimed a U.S. Marshal would be at her door in an hour to lock her up if she didn’t. The woman recorded the caller’s number and had her tax accountant give him a ring. According to the report, the scammer hung up when the accountant began explaining tax laws.

Twilight Zone

A Keysville woman awoke early one morning to find a small building had been put in a field beside her home. Not knowing why it was there, the woman got dressed and went to investigate. But when she walked outside, it was gone. The woman told deputies it was a 4x4 structure.

Tastes like chicken

A Hancock Landing Road resident is dead-tired of unleashed dogs. She called the cops after waking up Sunday to a collared dog killing her chicken. According to the report, 70 dead chickens were scattered over the property, as well as a dead calf whose hind legs had been ripped off.

Second helping

A Girard church got its grill back. But they didn’t know it was missing until members of the congregation read an entry about it in From the Blotter. Several weeks ago, their huge grill and trailer made the news after apparently overturning in the middle of Stoney Bluff Road and nearly causing an accident. The grill had the name Harvest Baptist Church on it but deputies could not find any listing and impounded the grill. The church had been renamed Lighthouse Baptist Church and the pastor called deputies when he realized what had happened. Investigators believe someone stole the grill for scrap metal and that it came unhitched and toppled when the thief hit a bump in the road.

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