2014-10-22 / Editorial


Jim Shumard

I was listening to a TED Talk on NPR the other morning and the topic was “predicting the future” in terms of technology. It appears that not only do science fiction writers predict the future fairly accurately, but scientists do as well. They are predicting all kinds of things that we have only dreamed about in science fiction novels.

I watched one of my favorite Star Trek movies last week, The Journey Home where they journey to the past in order to obtain two Hump Back whales which had been hunted to extinction by their time and were needed to save the future. There is a scene where Captain Kirk receives a call at a restaurant on his wireless com- munication device and is able to speak directly to the person. The woman of 1980 was shocked by this ability and as we know today, this is the normal way we now communicate…even our grandparents and great grandparents who grew up with party lines, wind up phones and cans connected by string.

My own prediction that I have been speaking of over the last twenty to thirty years and that I have already shared in a previous article, is that bioscientists will one day implant a communicator at the base of our brain which will enable us to access 100 percent of our brain…the natural evolution of biofeedback.

Regardless of the advance of technology we will always have to be mindful of the Eden Experience, where we are tempted to partake of knowledge before we are ready for it. It has always been my theory that eventually human beings would be mature enough, wise enough and good enough that God would give permission to feast on the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, though history and the Present has shown us that we are still not close to that state of being.

We already know the downfalls and delights of technology. The internet can be a tool for revolution in the Middle East; a tool for recruitment of messed up people; a way for teens and adults to get into horrible trouble; a way for teens to exponentially expand their drama; and a way for us to access information and knowledge immediately.

No we are not ready to taste the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil so we had better work on our goodness and continue to partake of the Tree of Life, which for Christians, is Jesus Christ and The Bible; for Jews it is Yahweh and The Talmud, (what Christians call the Old Testament); and for Muslims it is Allah and The Koran. Most religions have a path to goodness and enlightenment. As we journey upon those paths, we may find a way to navigate this technology explosion.

For what it’s worth.

Dr. Jim+

“For now we see through a glass darkly; but then face to face.” I Corinthians 13.12 KJV.

Rev. Shumard is rector of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Waynesboro. You may contact him at jshumie@aol.com or at stmichaelswaynesboro.org.

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