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Dogs uncover hidden nest egg
By Elizabeth Billips

A Keysville woman stumbled onto some Christmas cash, thanks to her grandson’s dogs.

She called deputies last Saturday after spying a stack of newspaper-wrapped bills inside the kennel.

According to Sgt. Dan Lowe, an investigator for the Burke County Sheriff ’s Office, there was more than $2,500, all in $50s and $100s, on the ground near the doghouse.

The dogs had torn an additional $550 in bills, many of which officers believe can be pieced together and traded in for new currency.

Sgt. Lowe thinks whoever saved the money did so more than 40 years ago.

“The newspapers have pictures of women with old beehive hairdos,” he said. “And the bills are dated 1969.”

While the mystery stumped them at first, officers feel certain the cash had been right under the woman’s nose for a while – first inside her house and later inside the dog kennel.

According to the report, the doghouse had been repurposed from an old wardrobe the woman inherited.

“They used the furniture in the house for a number of years before moving it outside and laying it on its side in the dog pen,” Sgt. Lowe said. “I believe somebody hid the money in it a long time ago.”

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