2015-09-09 / Editorial

What is a “True Citizen”?


The “rights and privileges” of a person to carry out what I think is an honor, and should be a responsibility, is to get registered and vote in every election. The “silent majority” are natural born citizens in this great country. Each one sees the issue that is very important to him or her, but for some reason, they do not openly express themselves and do not vote. Do they believe their vote won’t count? Do they want to leave it to those people that want change for the wrong reason? I truly believe the silent majority can make a difference.

What should they do? GET INVOLVED, search for the truth, ask people that you have confidence in. Always make sure the advice given you is accurate – do your own research. Most of the time it will be common sense. Organized groups wanting to change our way of life will not always tell the truth. They are determined to change our beliefs, even if it is to NOT tell the whole story.

How did our country get in the shape it is today? By our good people not getting involved and voting. This is how a determined group can change our laws, deny our existing laws and take over our country. All of this starts at the local level. Each one of you reading this knows what I am saying. If you don’t like something, speak out and be heard.. I have always heard, “the wheel that squeals the loudest gets all the grease,” so people, start squealing.

I would like to add one more thought: A natural born citizen is one born to a mother and father, also born in this “great country.” Why is this critical? Because you have been brought up taught the values and history of how and why this country was formed. Our ancestors believed in, fought and died for the freedom we were enjoying. Now this freedom is on the verge of being taken away.

“Be a true citizen; get involved; know what is going on in your city, county and country.” If you do not address the small issues, you will never solve the big problems. Write or e-mail your newspaper, council members and commissioners. Let your concerns be known. NO MORE TAXES!!!!

Mot and Mac McGahee


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