2015-12-09 / For The Record


Get the message?

A hunter found some unwelcome messages in his deer stand located in the woods near Sardis. In addition to a few bullet holes in the stand, the Thomson man found a note saying, "Congratulations - killed a German Shepherd out of season." The man told deputies that three weeks earlier another hunter on the property had shot a dog that charged him.

Taking a Break

A Hephzibah woman called deputies to report a Ford pickup which had been parked in her driveway with motor running and lights on for at least half an hour. Officers woke up the sleeping driver and administered a sobriety test, which he passed. He told them he just got tired and pulled in the driveway to get a little sleep. He left the property when told to do so. No charges were filed.


A Burke County man was told to "get his wood splitter and not come back." Deputies were called to an Idlewood- Munnerlyn Road address to investigate what turned out to be a domestic dispute. It seems the complainant's wife had moved in with the husband's "best friend" for a while, but wanted to come back home. The "friend" got angry and did some damage to the couple's back door with a hammer when he came to get his wood splitter. The incident was referred to the Magistrate Court.

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