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What Resonates

Encouragement and Support Help Burke County Graduate Writer Transition to Author
By A. LeeAnn Chalker

“Why do we have to learn this?”

That question is one that students always have and always will pose to teachers. One good answer from an educator to such questions can make all the difference, often opening new opportunities to students.

K. Mobley, born Kenneth C. Mobley, a 1995 graduate of Burke County High School, never imagined he would add ‘author’ to the many roles in his personal creative portfolio. The encouragement of a high school teacher was what tore down any imagined barriers.

Mobley credits one BCHS teacher in particular, Mrs. Linda Dunaway, who taught a summer writing prep class, for “opening my mind to writing.” As Mobley recalls, Ms. Dunaway’s response to his questions were quick and direct, “… you never know… one day you may become a great writer!”

“Her words stuck with me,” Mobley said. “I have often reflected on her words, whether writing lyrics to a song or filling the pages of my books.”

Mobley has always been invested in creative mediums. As a young man he often drew funny comics for friends and family, a skill he would also share with BCHS as the cartoonist for its school newspaper.

After college he entered the music industry, starting his own underground record label. He later switched roles, transitioning into ghost writing and song concept development.

A chance suggestion by long time friend, cartoonist Anthony B. Jackson, turned Mobley’s writing from lyrics to prose, specifically children’s literature.

“My goal and aspiration is to get young people interested in reading more,” he said.

With that as a guiding principle, Mobley branched out into that area of writing as well, joined by his editor (and wife) Asimina T. Mobley, and illustrator Anthony B. Jackson, a fellow member of the BCHS Class of ’95. Together they created K Blue Publishing from which Mobley’s first story book, It’s Christmas Time: The Magic of Snowville was released earlier this year.

Mobley currently lives and writes in Tampa Bay, FL with his two children and wife, Editor of K Blue Publishing, Asimina Mobley.

It’s Christmas Time: The Magic of Snowville

“This story takes place on a distant planet, far beyond our galaxy. Two brothers, Sinclair and Ivan Frost, are faced with a difficult challenge that may jeopardize Christmas and Sinclair's duties as the Giver of Snowville - a special power given to their family nearly a century ago by the Star Queen. Meanwhile, Sinclair's best friend, Randall, and the citizens of Snowville struggle to keep it all together.”

Available @ Amazon.com,the KindleStore, Barnes & Noble, and mobleybooks.com

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