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BCSO host two-day leadership program

True Citizen Intern

Dean Crisp spoke during a two-day leadership lessons course at the Burke County Sheriff’s Office. Dean Crisp spoke during a two-day leadership lessons course at the Burke County Sheriff’s Office. They aren’t just enforcers of the law; officers take an oath to serve and protect. Last week, 30-year law enforcement veteran Dean Crisp reminded them to always remember why they chose their profession.

The message was delivered through a two-day program on lessons in leadership presented by the Burke County Sheriff’s Office, though it was meant for all who serve in a first responder type capacity.

Crisp said it was his father who sparked his interest for law enforcement. “My father was a cop and my personality has just always matched the ones of service,” he said. “I really enjoy working with people to help solve problems, and law enforcement has offered me an opportunity to make a big difference.”

During one of the discussions, Crisp, who has appeared in an episode of Ted Talks and is the author of “Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line,” said there are three defining types of leadership: survival, success and significance.

“Survival for police is doing the minimum that you can do, such as an officer calling a tow truck but not staying to help the driver,” he explained. “Successful service is an officer trying to help the driver while offering to call in a tow truck. Lastly, significant service is the officer going out of his or her way to make sure the driver is perfectly alright.”

He went on to say that public service employees have a point to being significant in their services. “It’s people who require that of us nowadays that want more of our police departments,” he stated. “We have to be service-oriented to really change lives.” He also said that if they don’t know why they’re doing what they’re doing, their followers will not know.

BCSO Chief Deputy Lewis Blanchard said, “Our ‘why’ is to make Burke County the best place to live, work, play and hunt. For us, it’s more of a realistic approach of making sure you take care of your employees, citizens and visitors, and the ‘why’ is that we want to improve the quality of life for everybody.”

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