2018-11-07 / Editorial


Diana Royal

I wonder how many of you noticed all the wonderful things going on in our community that were reported on in last week’s paper? Sometimes, stories not on the front page are touted as secondary, not as important, but that isn’t always the case! Last week, I felt like I was writing and writing and writing. There were three fairly large, 1,000-plus word stories and then tons of shorter ones. They were all so important though. I wish we could have given every single one front page exposure. Despite headlining a murder trial, we have half a dozen stories highlighting just how amazing the people in this community are. In addition, there are other events happening that maybe did not get their own stories, so this week, in the spirit of giving and Thanksgiving, I want to recap and share how folks in these parts are stepping up for their fellow man.

First, we are FEEDING people this Thanksgiving! Ingevity (formerly Purification Cellutions) is giving away turkeys and all the fixings to 130 Burke County families. Wimberly House Ministries is cooking up a great meal for the elderly as well, and Waynesboro City Councilman Willie Williams is planning to deliver meals to those who cannot get out themselves. I’m sure we’ll be hearing from other church groups and the sheriff’s office soon about more turkey giveaways. And don’t forget Helping Hands at St. Michael’s where a hot breakfast is served every Saturday morning.

There have been and still are a ton of fundraisers for Heather Quick who recently found out that the breast cancer she thought was gone has actually moved into her bones and doctors say it’s not curable. As soon as she finishes her current round of chemo, she plans to fly to Texas for a second opinion.

Friends and family have also rallied around Chris and Chelsie Parrish and their family of eight. A knee injury has left Chris out of work and looking at future surgery, and the family could be without their main source of income through as late as March of next year.

Turkey shoots are coming up for both the Quick and Parrish families, and local businesses and individuals have showered them with support and donations for both events.

Burke County and EBA students have been working hard for their dinner theatre production that will benefit the Center For New Beginnings.

Wimberly House has teamed up with Spring Creek Auction to provide Christmas assistance to needy families.

I can’t even count how many businesses, churches, nonprofits, first responders, etc. made Halloween a real treat for the children of our community.

Fast forward to this Friday, as well as next Monday and Tuesday, and there are many programs planned to honor our veterans.

And how about the Guns and Hoses Blood Battle? The community DOUBLED the amount of donations from last year.

These last several weeks have, for lack of a better word, sucked. Most everyone is tired of the arguing and ugliness associated with an election (and all those terrible commercials), and the germs have tagged along with the temperature drop outside. But this community, BURKE COUNTY is full of big hearts and warm hugs and people lifting one another up. To each and every one of you who has supported any of these causes, or anything I have failed to mention, I thank you for being a good neighbor and one of the wheels that keeps our community turning.

If you would like additional information about anything I have mentioned in this space or want to share something else with me, please call or email: 706.554.2111, ext. 205, or jdianaroyal@gmail.com.

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