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The True Citizen's annual Spooky Stories

These two stories were printed incorrectly in last week’s True Citizen. Voting has been extended for another week. Please visit TheTrueCitizen.com to vote for your favorite story out of our 16 finalists.


By Claire Syms
Kathy Ogden’s Fourth Grade Class
Edmund Burke Academy

A long time ago on a cold winter night, a baby was born, but she was very sick. The baby’s name was Rebecca, and her family loved her very much. She had an older sister name, Mary, who was 10 years old. Mary loved her sister very much and liked to help take care of her. Once day Rebecca passed away when she was two years old. Of course, Mary was very sad. A few months after Rebecca died, Mary heard a baby crying. She got up from her bed and saw Rebecca’s old crib rocking back and forth. Then Mary ran back to her bed as fast as she could. On her way to her bed she looked back at Rebecca’s room and saw a figure of a baby standing in the doorway. The baby looked very pale, and Mary was scared. Suddenly, the baby started walking very slowly towards Mary. Mary wanted to run to her mom and dad’s room, but the baby was still standing there staring at Mary. Finally, Mary got the courage to run to her parent’s room. When Mary almost reached her parent’s door knob, the baby grabbed her arm. Mary screamed so loudly that her parents came running out of their bedroom, but it was too late. Mary and the baby were starting to fade away and then disappeared. Mary nor the baby were ever seen again. However, on October 31st during the middle of the night, if you happen to walk down the hall of your house, a baby may grab your arm, and you will hear Mary screaming.


By Trent Herring
Lyn Golden’s Fifth Grade Homeroom
Blakeney Elementary School

It was a stormy, dark night at 3 in the morning. All of a sudden, Toby heard a loud crash in the kitchen. He went to check and heard something that sounding like a child giggling.

Toby searched high and low, behind and between everything! The sound stopped. He went to go back to bed and heard the laughter again! His parents weren’t home so he called the cops, but they didn’t answer!

He pulled the covers over his head as the laughter got louder and louder! He was so scared that he couldn’t stay there anymore! He ran out of his house!

Later on, outside in his neighborhood, he was standing under the street light. He heard a loud crackling noise! He turned around and saw nothing. He was even more scared then! Then a dog came from behind a house and spooked him so he ran.

The next morning, Toby’s parents went to go check on him and he wasn’t there. They looked everywhere for him and even the police couldn’t find him. That night his parents were in bed and heard a child laughing. They jumped out of bed thinking Toby was home. They ran to the stairs and saw a bloody and pale little boy standing at the bottom of the stairs. It was Toby. Toby laughed and said, “I’m hommmmeee.”

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