2019-01-09 / News

Winkler joins staff as True Citizen intern


Mason Winkler Mason Winkler Mason Winkler, a senior at Augusta University, has joined the staff of The True Citizen.

Winkler is no stranger to the area. He is a 2014 graduate of Edmund Burke Academy. Upon graduation, he attended Valdosta State University and just recently moved to Augusta to complete his final year.

Having entered the journalism field during his sophomore year of college, Winkler says this is a particular great medium to freely express his ideas and opinions while also meeting a variety of people whose stories he gets to help share. “When interviewing people, I like being able to translate what they are saying into words,” he says. “I feel that when someone is just talking, it is harder for others to really focus on what the person is saying. They are constantly forming responses in their heads rather than listening. I like how journalism really lets you divulge into what the speaker or person being interviewed is really saying.”

Holding down both a full-time job and full load of coursework doesn’t offer Winkler much spare time, and he’s dedicating what time he does have to help jumpstart his career. He will assist in feature writing at The True Citizen and is also on The Bell Ringer staff – AU’s official campus newspaper.

“I really enjoy hearing other people’s stories,” he says. “Everyone has their own perspective and experiences, and it is nice getting to dive into another person’s world for a little bit.”

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