2019-02-06 / News

Urgent need for type O negative blood donations

Shepeard Community Blood Center has an urgent and immediate need for Type O Negative blood.

Center spokesperson Ashley Whitaker said this week that, “all eligible donors are encouraged to donate at a mobile drive or at one of Shepeard’s three centers in the CSRA. O Negative blood donors have a particularly unique opportunity to help others in emergency situations.”

This blood type is universal, meaning it can be transferred to almost any patient who is in need. Only 6.6 percent of the population has O Negative blood, so all O Negative donors are needed in order to keep our local blood supply at a stable level, according to Whitaker.

Shepeard Community Blood Center only goes into “urgent need” when the quantity of ready blood and blood products falls below a two-day supply level. The local blood supply is supported strictly by the donations of volunteer blood donors.

Whitaker added, “If you are Type O Negative and have been putting off donating, please do not wait one more day. Patients in hospitals across the two-state area are depending on you!”

During the month of February, all donors who come into one of Shepeard’s three centers will receive a pair of limited edition Shepeard socks.

To find a mobile near you, go to https://donor.shepeardblood.org/donor/schedules/geo and type in your zip code.

Donors must be in good general health, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be at least 17 years old (or 16 with written parental consent) to donate.

Be sure to bring a photo ID or Shepeard donor card with you when you come to donate.

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