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Sexual predator monitoring curtailed


Because of a Georgia Supreme Court ruling last week, law enforcement officers are no longer allowed to electronically monitor sex offenders deemed “sexually dangerous predators” once they have completed their probation or parole sentences.

The ruling on March 4 found O.C.G.A. 42-1-14(e) to be “unconstitutional.” The statute had previously permitted sheriff’s offices across the state to place electronic monitoring devices on such sexual offenders, a practice also used by the Burke County Sheriff’s Office in an effort to provide some level of safety to citizens.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Sex Offender Registry, of Burke County’s 94 registered sex offenders, three are listed as sexual predators. Chief Deputy Lewis Blanchard of the BCSO says that on March 7, two of those offenders were removed from electronic monitoring in order to comply with the Georgia Supreme Court ruling. A third offender, who is still on probation, is still wearing a leg monitor.

“Regardless of the term of probation or parole, the sex offender does not cease to be a possible threat to others on the date his/her sentence expires,” Blanchard said. “Parents need to be aware of the websites, phone apps and phone calls being made to/ from their children. Communication and follow up is the key to preventing a tragedy.” He added that sexual predators are required to check-in at BCSO twice per year. “We also have instructed our personnel to make additional home and employment visits without notice.”

A sexually dangerous predator is defined as a sexual offender who either was designated as a sexually violent predator between July 1, 1996, and June 20, 2006, or has been determined by the Sexual Offender Registration Review Board to be at risk of committing future dangerous sexual offenses.

Sexual predators in Burke County include Kenneth Bryan Berzett of 496 Dixon Hendricks Road, Keysville, who was convicted of child molestation; Marvin Travis Mcbee, 3899 Alexander Munnerlyn Road, Waynesboro, aggravated child molestation; and Quinton Levon Obryan, 160 Blythe Road, Lot A, Hephzibah, kidnapping .

A total of 14 county registered sex offenders are currently incarcerated and include Darell Deandre Benjamin, child molestation; Maleik Lenard Butler, sexual battery against a child under 16; Shawnquil Lewone Conner, statutory rape (felony); Franklin Shelley Dixon, child molestation; Adrian Hargrove, cruelty to children; Troy Terrell Jenkins, sexual battery, second or subsequent conviction (felony); Charles T. Kight Jr., child molestation; Charlie James Lambert, rape; Thomas Mccrae Liles, child molestation; Jerry Lovett Jr., child molestation; Krystal Ann Nixon, aggravated child molestation; Jermaine Dennon Oliver, criminal attempt to commit a felony; Marquis Demetius Rollins, child molestation; David Ray Vail Jr., child molestation;

All sex offenders in Burke are listed on the sheriff’s website at http://www.burkecountysheriff.com/sex-offenderregistry. cfm and further information is available at https:// gbi.georgia.gov/georgia-sexoffender registry. Many offenders have different “levels” listed, which Blanchard explained are classifications required by federal law to help local law enforcement focus on monitoring those offenders who pose the greatest danger. Level 1 offenders have a 4-13 percent chance of committing another sex crime, while those classified as Level 2 have a 34 percent chance. Level 3 offenders, those deemed as sexually dangerous predators, have a 65 percent chance of perpetrating additional sex crimes.

Other sex offenders listed for Burke County include the following:

 Willie James Adams, 172 B Quail Drive, Hephzibah – child molestation

 Emil Robert Alford, 135 Center Ave., Keysville – sexual assault

 Ashley Nicole Ashe, 1421 Herndon Road, Waynesboro – sexual assault by teacher/principal/assistant principal/other administrator engaged in sexual contact with another individual enrolled at school (felony)

 Sylvester Bernard Baker, 391 Murray Hill Road, Sardis – statutory rape (felony)

 Lonnie Lee Blakely, 416 Clark Place Road, Waynesboro – aggravated child molestation

 Standy Brown, 507 Canterbury Circle, Waynesboro – aggravated child molestation

 Michael Aubrey Cannon Jr., 11313 Highway 23 South, Girard – sexual battery against a child under 16

 Lumarcus Sanchez Cooper, 500 East 6th St., Waynesboro – statutory rape (felony)

 Jerry James Couch, 421-A Highway 88, Keysville – aggravated sodomy

 Timothy Lodis Curl, 131 Rock Landing Road, Midville – incest

 Walker Devoe Jr., 522 Canterbury Circle, Waynesboro – rape

 Kelvin Marques Dixon, 966 2nd Ave., Sardis – statutory rape (felony)

 David Christopher Fleming, 1517 Cates Mead Road, Waynesboro – aggravated sexual assault

 Edward W. Fredericks, 256 Twin Pines Road, Keysville – public indecency, third or subsequent conviction (felony)

 Zenobia Marchetta Freeman III, 607 North Hill St., Sardis – child molestation

 Sidney Conway Gordon, 716 Dowell Ave., Waynesboro – child molestation

 Andrew Lamar Green, 936 Bates Road, Waynesboro – sexual battery against a child under 16

 Reginald Martinez Grubbs, 5472 River Road, Unit A, Waynesboro – criminal attempt to commit child molestation

 James Bernard Herrington, 317 Bridge Taylor Road, Keysville – child molestation

 Darrell Lamar Hogans, 324 Idlewood Road, Waynesboro – sexual assault

 James E. Howard, 1333A Ben Hatcher Road, Waynesboro – rape

 Michael Eugene Huffman, 6839 Highway 23 South, Waynesboro – rape (first)

 Dennis Dewayne Jacobs, 108 Martin Way, Waynesboro – child molestation

 Neely Jones, 1215 Hale St., Waynesboro – sexual battery of a child

 Shep Lamar Jones, 200 Mills Road, Waynesboro – statutory rape (felony)

 Timothy Jones, 208 East Coursey Road, Keysville – aggravated assault

 Blair Andrew Jordan, 433 Davis Park Road, Waynesboro – aggravated sexual battery

 Anthony Lowade Kelly, 930 Chatham St., Sardis – statutory rape (felony)

 Jonathan Michael King, 594 Brushy Creek Road, Keysville – statutory rape (felony)

 Grover Leon Lambert, 3677-A Munnerlyn Alexander Road, Waynesboro – child molestation

 Stephen Floyd Landsman, 4090 Highway 23 South, Lot 118, Waynesboro – sexual battery, second subsequent conviction (felony)

 Williams Joseph Lavoie, 5466 Herndon Road, Waynesboro – unlawful sexual activity with a minor

 Michael Anthony Lewis Jr., 416 Gordon Road, Sardis – child molestation

 Steven Dewayne Lucas, 438 Perkins Road, Hephzibah – child molestation

 Seymour Jezotal Mack, 740 Girard Ave., Sardis – statutory rape (felony)

 Buckie Edward Manuel, 3928 Farmers Bridge Road, Hephzibah – child molestation

 James Gordon Martin, 1246 Farmers Bridge Road, Keysville – child molestation

 James Robert Mcinnis Jr., 1519 Butler Mill Road, Keysville – aggravated child molestation

 Jeffery Samuel Mells, 530 West 8th St., Waynesboro – criminal solicitation of a minor

 Larry Mitchell, 101 Ridgeview Drive, Hephzibah -- rape

 Leonard Mitchell, 801 Burton St., Waynesboro – aggravated child molestation

 Wallace Lee Morris, 125 East Lee St., Midville – statutory rape (felony)

 Gary Wayne Murdock, 135 Brigham Landing Road, Girard – child molestation

 Joe Wenceslao Navarro, 4765 Highway 80 East, Waynesboro – rape

 Josephine Nelson, 120 Lovers Lane, Waynesboro – child molestation

 Donte Tavaris Owens, 1045 Idlewood Munnerlyn Road, Waynesboro – child molestation

 William Cary Padgett, 1486 George Perkins Road, Keysville – lewd lascivious molestation victim under 12

 Leslie Rena Powell, 5256 Highway 56 North, Waynesboro – enticing a child for indecent purposes

 David John Reeder, 191 Seldon Drive, Hephzibah – child molestation

 Randall Joseph Rigdon, 3229 Farmers Bridge Road, Lot 41, Hephzibah – statutory rape (felony)

 Patrick Lamar Roberson, 1880 Idlewood Road, Waynesboro – statutory rape (felony)

 Keith Fitzgerald Robinson, 505 Bryant St., Waynesboro – criminal attempt to commit child molestation

 Terry Lee Robinson, 1232 Farmers Bridge Road, Keysville – lewd lascivious child under 16

 Grover Cleveland Royal Jr., 5370 Highway 24 South, Sardis – forcible rape

 Derquan Lajames Scott, 2424 Hickson Road, Midville – child molestation

 Anthony Dwayne Seals, 128 Victoria Lane, Blythe -- rape

 Austin Tyler Sellers, 4999 Highway 23 South, Waynesboro – sexual battery against a child under 16

 Johnnie Lamar Simmons, 205 Sycmore Lane, Blythe – aggravated child molestation

 Paul Micah Smith, 320 Kilpatrick Road, Waynesboro – statutory rape (felony)

 Derwin Marcell Stone, 418 Drone Road, Waynesboro – sexual battery against a child under 16

 ohn Demetricus Tukes, 102 Arrowhead Circle, Hephzibah – child molestation

 William Thomas Voss, 3353 Hancock Landing Road, Waynesboro – possession of porn

 Bennie James Walker, 969 2nd St., Sardis – child molestation

 John Edward Walker Jr., 1406 Westgate Dr., Waynesboro – aggravated child molestation

 John E. Walker, 847 Blakeney St., Waynesboro – child molestation

 Eric Eugene Washington, 2670 Farmers Bridge Road, Hephzibah – child molestation

 Dan Edwards Waye, 404 Coleman Lane, Waynesboro – sexual battery

 Lorenzo Whitfield, 1013 Old Millen Highway, Waynesboro – child molestation

 Ralph Emory Widner Jr., 2096 Hephzibah Keysville Road, Hephzibah – sexual exploitation of children

 James Lewis Wiley, 557 Brushy Creek Road, Keysville – child molestation

 Tyrone Wilkerson, 693 Fitzgerald Road, Sardis – child molestation

 Leroy Orlando Williams, 857 Perry St., Waynesboro – aggravated child molestation

 Kevin Lee Windham, 912 Creek Road, Girard – statutory rape (felony)

 Phillip Channing Wingate III, 1513 River Road, Waynesboro – child molestation

 James Siefert Young, 217 East 7th St., Waynesboro – ind. Liberties child sexual battery

There are also two sex offenders who are listed as absconders. They are listed with their last known address:

 Orlando Marquez Coleman, 1827 Cates Mead Road, Hephzibah – statutory rape (felony)

 Tracy Bernard Fleming, 1231 Golden Drive, Sardis – statutory rape (felony).

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